Lately we have all heard the commercials and ads explaining how using an online real estate service could save you money by not paying any realtor commission fees for selling or purchasing your home without an agent. After working in the Mortgage industry since 2005 I had a hard time understanding how this would work. For example, I drive my car almost every day. I know my car inside and out, however if someone delivered my car to me in pieces and asked me to put it together I would not even know where to begin. I think about how much time I would spend on research and even with all the information at best it would be guess work. I have to be honest I wouldn’t drive a car that I put together regardless of how much experience I have spent in it. I look at selling my home the same way, I know my house inside and out I love my home and my neighborhood it’s why we bought it. I have worked in the housing industry since 2005 so I like to think I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to home comparables, pricing, contracts and legalese that go into selling a home, yet there is absolutely no way I would utilize an online real estate services or try to sell my home “For Sale By Owner”


I have bought and sold several homes and each time I have hired an experienced Real Estate Agent. The reasons why and what makes me know they are well worth the commission they earn (and they do earn it) is that if you hire the right agent they are experts in their field. They know the neighborhoods and they know how to price your home for not just your needs but also what the market dictates your home is worth. They help you understand how they got to that number and work with you on managing expectations whether that be yours or if a low ball offer comes in from a potential buyer letting them know why that is unacceptable. A great agent calls and follows up on all potential leads, they know who are serious buyers and who you should not waste your time on. They have access to the MLS to list your property and also a plethora of marketing tools at their fingertips. You also need to think of their contacts they might know someone in their circle of influence that is looking for your exact home. 


At the end of the day I think about how much my time is worth and how much time I would need to spend to sell my home without an expert agent (not to mention the legal risks). Whether selling or buying a home we are always thinking about value and using an experienced agent brings value on both sides of the transactions that will bring a smile to your face when you relax in your next home.